A mass tort is a type of legal action in which a large number of plaintiffs file claims against a single defendant or a small number of related defendants. Mass torts can be brought in a number of different circumstances, from defective product claims to large fire disasters. These cases are handled in both California state courts and in United States federal courts. In some circumstances, mass tort claims are brought as class action lawsuits, or as related to a concurrent class action claim.

At the Dolan Law Firm, our top-rated Los Angeles mass torts lawyers are well versed in these types of cases. We have the legal knowledge and tenacity to hold defendants accountable for the full extent of the damage that they have caused. If you are involved in mass tort litigation, then you need help from California’s premier plaintiffs’ law firm. Please do not hesitate to contact our law firm for free legal guidance.

Most Common Type of Mass Tort Claims

The term ‘tort’ refers to a civil wrongdoing committed by a defendant that results in an injury to another party. If a defendant committed a tort, and a plaintiff sustained financial damages as a result, whether due to an injury or a due to a property loss, then the defendant can be held liable for those damages. Mass torts are cases in which a small number of defendants have injured many different plaintiffs. In some cases, thousands of plaintiffs may have valid legal claims against a single defendant. Mass torts come in a wide range of different forms. At the Dolan Law Firm, we handle all mass tort claims. The most common types of mass torts that our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers see include:

  • Product liability claims;
  • Defective medical devices;
  • Dangerous prescription drugs;
  • Agricultural torts;
  • Mass disaster torts; and
  • Toxic contamination torts.

What is the Difference Between a Mass Tort and a Class Action Lawsuit?

There are some key similarities between mass torts and class action lawsuits. For example, both typically involve a large number of injured plaintiffs bringing a claim against a small number of defendants. However, they are not the same thing: mass torts and class action lawsuits are two distinct types of legal actions. It is important that Los Angeles plaintiffs have a basic understanding of the difference.

A class action lawsuit is a single legal claim that brings together the individual claims of many different plaintiffs. These plaintiffs must share common characteristics so that they can be legally certified as a ‘class’. Class action plaintiffs will typically have similar injuries to each other, and those injuries will usually be sustained in a similar way.

With mass torts, there are many different individual claims, but they are not necessarily directly tied together. Indeed, mass tort claims can involve a wide range of different injuries. For example, if a negligent business owner set a fire that burned down several adjacent properties, that business may face mass tort claims for wrongful death compensation, personal injury benefits, property loss compensation, and lost business profits. For procedural reasons, these groups will not and cannot be joined together as a single class.

Unique Factors that Must Be Considered in Mass Tort Litigation

Mass torts are among the most complex types of personal injury claims. Whether you are considering whether to participate in mass tort litigation over a defective product, a dangerous pharmaceutical drug, or any other type of case, you need to be sure that you are represented by a well-qualified Los Angeles mass torts lawyer. Without an experienced lawyer by your side, it is unlikely that you will get the full compensation owed to you under the law.

There are many unique factors that must be considered in mass tort cases. If you are one of several hundred or several thousand people who were hurt by the negligence of the same defendant or group of defendants, you need to be in a position to protect your individual rights and interests so that you can get the full financial compensation that you deserve.

Mass tort lawsuits proceed in a far different manner than do other personal injury cases. In most mass tort claims, injured victims from many different districts will have viable legal claims. As such, these plaintiffs will be required to coordinate their filings. Mass torts often require multi-district litigation in either state or federal courts. Under United States law, there are many different specialized rules and procedures that will govern these multi-district mass tort claims. Indeed, these cases often need to be approved by a judge in coordinated or consolidated pre-litigation hearings. Your claim must be handled properly.

Getting Fair Compensation in a Mass Torts Claim

Notably, when the defendants admit liability, or are found to be legally responsible in a mass tort case, the settlement money will very likely go into a single common pool. That pool will be divided among the qualified plaintiffs in a manner that is proportional to the damages that they sustained due to the defendant’s recklessness or carelessness.

As a victim, you need to be represented by a Los Angeles mass tort litigation attorney who has the skills and experience required to help you maximize your recovery from any settlement pool. It is crucial that all plaintiffs’ damages are properly documented and presented to the court, so that the defendant is required to provide sufficient compensation for all victims. Injured victims must be able to access every dollar of compensation that they rightfully deserve.

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