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You never want to be in a position where you need to hire a lawyer. Unfortunately, these situations are too common. Through no fault of your own, you may find yourself the victim of an accident, of discrimination, of sexual assault, elder abuse, of dangerous products, and more. If you have suffered an injury due to the fault of another, you need to find a Los Angeles attorney you can trust.

Dolan Law Firm is one of the premier plaintiffs’ law firms in Los Angeles. With years of experience, we specialize in personal injury, employment, and civil rights cases. The Dolan Law Firm has built an impeccable reputation of showing compassion for our clients and diligently advocating on their behalf.  

If you are looking for a lawyer in Los Angeles, call us toll free at 800-339-0352 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

Why you should trust the Dolan Law Firm

At Dolan Law Firm, the law is personal—and so is your case.

For nearly three decades, we have been representing clients just like you in injury, discrimination, wrongful death suits, and many more cases. 

Backed by founder Chris Dolan, our team of 15 attorneys have extensive experience handling these types of cases. We have been recognized by national and industry organizations for our expertise and have obtained many successful verdicts for our clients.

With offices in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Torrance, San Francisco, and Oakland, we are always ready to advocate for those who are the most vulnerable. 

View more of our success stories to see how we have helped our clients.

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Los Angeles Law Firm Practice Areas

Dolan Law Firm specializes in several different practice areas. If you are looking for a Los Angeles attorney for any of the following types of cases, contact us today

Personal Injury

Our years of experience working with our clients have taught us that personal injuries can occur at any time, and often under circumstances beyond our control—and when they do happen, it is possible to suffer from both physical and emotional trauma.

There are many types of personal injury cases, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including cars accidents, trucks, buses, bicycles, boats, and pedestrian accidents. 
  • Medical malpractice, including birth injuries, misdiagnoses, hospital injuries, and more. 
  • Wrongful death, where a loved one’s death was caused by someone else’s negligence.
  • Dangerous products, such as defective auto parts, medical equipment, consumer products, and more.
  • Other accidents, such as animal attacks, slip and fall incidents, and injuries on other premises.  

Employment Law

While you should trust your employer to treat you fairly and with respect, it can be disconcerting that this is not always the case. If you are mistreated by your employer, you may be entitled to recover damages. We have handled many common employment law cases, such as:

  • Discrimination and harassment, if your company, supervisor, or coworkers treat you differently or offer you fewer opportunities because of protected characteristics like age, race, orientation, gender, pregnancy or health status, disability, and more.
  • Wage and hour violations, if any earned wages are being withheld, overtime is being denied to you as a non-exempt employee, or your employer is inaccurately counting the number of hours you worked.
  • Whistleblower retaliation, if you are fired or punished because you reported your employer for illegal or unethical activity. 
  • Wrongful termination, if you are fired because of unlawful reasons. 

Civil Rights Law

Discrimination can happen anywhere, not just in the workplace. If you feel that your civil rights have been violated because you have faced discrimination in any situation because of your race, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, etc., then you are entitled to a Los Angeles law firm that will present to you your legal options and determine how to proceed with your claim.

Some examples of civil rights cases include:

  • Housing discrimination, where you are discouraged or barred from renting or buying a home.
  • Disability discrimination, where you are denied services or opportunities because of special needs.
  • Police misconduct, where you are unlawfully detained, questioned, charged, profiled, or otherwise mistreated at the hands of law enforcement.
  • General mistreatment based on one of the protected characteristics, such as harmful slurs or insults. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If I hire a Los Angeles law firm, what will the process for my case look like?

First, we schedule a free consultation to discuss and evaluate your case, including the extent of your losses and the relevant laws and statutes of limitations. If we decide mutually to proceed, our team of Los Angeles lawyers will:

  • Investigate your case thoroughly.
  • Gather evidence and interview witnesses.
  • Represent you in all interactions with other parties and companies.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Work towards a settlement and prepare to go to trial.

How long will a Los Angeles law firm take to get me a settlement or favorable verdict?

Every case is different, so we cannot provide a specific timeline estimate. Even then, a case depends on many factors, including the investigation, the other parties involved, any insurance or other business / government entities, the amount of potential damages, and more.

As Los Angeles lawyers, we will do what we can to get you relief as soon as possible, and we will keep you informed every step of the way. To schedule a free case review, complete our contact form.

What does it cost to hire Dolan Law Firm as my designated Los Angeles lawyer?

It costs you nothing up front. We work on a contingency-fee basis, which means that we do not charge anything unless we settle your case.  

How much can I expect to get in damages?

It depends on the type of case and the damages you suffered. As your Los Angeles law firm, we would first try to advise you on your case and the process of proceeding with your claim. If you would like to know more about your legal options, complete our contact form today.


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