In some accident situations, assessing who is liable for the injuries and damages of the victim may not always be clear. Sometimes, multiple parties are to blame and it takes an experienced legal team to ensure that every responsible party is named in a claim for compensation.

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Our third-party liability attorneys will assess your workplace accident to help you identify everyone who should be named as part of your legal action. In many types of workplace injuries, there may be a number of negligent parties, including third-party entities, that are liable to the injured victim.

For instance, if your company employs a vendor to service equipment and it provides faulty maintenance that leads to your injury, it might be a third party that should be liable for compensation.

Construction Accident Third-Party Liability Claims

Construction sites often contract with multiple subcontractors to help complete a project. If you were harmed because of another party’s actions, we can help you sue the main contractor as well as this party. We know how to pursue multiple defendants effectively and we cater our legal services to the injured and aggrieved party.

We seek to help you pick up the pieces and minimize the impact that such a tragedy has on a family, especially when a workplace or construction accident results in a wrongful death. We know that you cannot pay attorneys’ fees at such a difficult time, so we do all work on contingency, receiving no payment until you win compensation.

The third-party liability claim lawyers of the Dolan Law Firm care for your legal needs and make sure all responsible parties are held liable for the injuries and damages you suffer. Contact us online or call 888-452-4752 for knowledgeable representation.