Single Bike Accidents: Not Always the Rider’s Fault

According to “The Hurt Report,” a collection of motorcycle accident statistics, around one-fourth of motorcycle, bicycle and scooter accidents are single bike accidents, in which a rider hit something or wiped out. Around two-thirds of the time, the blame for the accident is put on the rider — but keep in mind that even something as seemingly authoritative as a police report is not always accurate. At the Dolan Law Firm, our lawyers have taken on many cases in which the police assigned all the blame to the rider for a single-bike accident, and our lawyers have successfully proven that other factors were truly to blame.

For instance, single-bike accidents are often due to  road hazards or defective equipment. For example, our chief trial lawyer, Christopher Dolan, took on a case in which the police attributed 100% of the fault for a single-motorcycle accident to the rider. Chris Dolan represented the rider, who was badly injured, and proved that the accident actually occurred because of a roadway defect of loose gravel left by a construction crew. The injured man received a $1,650,000 settlement against Lake County.

You Need an Attorney Who Rides

Chris Dolan and his fellow attorneys in our firm are especially committed to helping people who have suffered in California motorcycle and bicycle wrecks. Attorney Chris Dolan is himself an avid biker, and often fights for bikers’ rights. We not only have the experience in tough motorcycle and bicycle wreck cases, we know the cultures surrounding all kinds of bikes.

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