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Taxi Cab Legal Duties Explained

California law places an extra duty of care on “common carriers” such as taxis. A common carrier is a company or system that carries passengers as part of a business operation open to the public.

As common carriers, taxicabs have a heightened duty to ensure:

  • Proper help and seating for elderly and disabled passengers
  • A seat for every passenger
  • That vehicles are not overcrowded
  • That equipment is maintained in excellent working condition
  • That vehicles and equipment are free of debris
  • That vehicles do not start and stop suddenly
  • That vehicles are not driven erratically
  • That passengers are discharged in a safe place and at their destination
  • That baggage is not damaged

When taxicab drivers fail to drive in a safe manner, the driver and his or her company can be held financially responsible for any losses that occur.

The Dolan Law Firm also represents individuals who are injured in cab-like rideshare services such Uber and Lyft. Our law firm litigated the first wrongful death case against Uber on behalf of a family of a child pedestrian who was hit and killed by an Uber driver.

What Is Negligence In California? How Does It Apply In Taxicab Accidents?

The legal definition of “negligence,” in the context of a negligent taxicab driver, is the driver’s failure to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances. Taxicab drivers who fail to drive in a safe manner, because of speeding, erratic driving, etc., and injure or kill a pedestrian, bicyclist, other motorist, or the passengers in their cabs, can be held liable for damages based on their negligence.

In California, the law applies equally to negligent taxicab drivers as it does to other negligent drivers, in addition to the extra duty of care California law imposes on common carriers.

Out-of-Town Vacationers And Business Travelers Hurt In San Francisco

It is not uncommon for the personal injury lawyers of Dolan Law Firm to represent people who do not live in California, or who do not live in or near San Francisco, but were hurt while riding in a taxicab while on vacation or during business travel.

Our clients include people from SoCal and elsewhere in California, people who are residents of other states, and people who were visiting San Francisco from other countries.

In these cases, people are understandably concerned that they will be unable to pursue justice and compensation for their injuries, because they do not live in the San Francisco area, or live in another part of the U.S. (or outside the country). In most cases, that is not true. In general, we can still hold the taxicab driver and his or her company liable for your losses.

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