Getting Full Compensation after Loss of a Limb (Amputation)

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While loss of a limb is not a common injury from a motorcycle or bicycle accident, when it does occur it is usually the result of a crushing injury, often to the foot. It can also result from a leg crushing injury if a car pins a biker or cyclist against an object.

The emotional trauma of a crush injury and the ultimate loss of a limb can be severe. Counseling may be needed to help the injured person adjust to their loss. They will also require rehabilitation services to learn how to function in a new way, and typically need a prosthetic limb to regain full function. If a child suffers an amputation injury, he or she will need new prosthetic devices every few years to keep up with their growth.

These are significant expenses and they shouldn’t have to be born by the victim of an accident caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another.

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