Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawsuits Involving Defective Equipment

In a significant number of scooter, motorcycle and bicycle accident lawsuits, defective equipment is to blame for the crash. Often, in both single-bike accidents or collisions with cars and trucks, police reports will blame motorcyclists, when the true responsibility lies with the manufacturer of a defective component or product.

The Dolan Law Firm has the experience and resources to take on anyone responsible for defectively designed or defectively manufactured bikes. Our lawyers can file motorcycle and bicycle accident lawsuits on behalf of people victimized by:

  • motorcycle helmet defects
  • motorcycle tire failure
  • brake failure
  • shock absorber failure
  • stuck throttles
  • chain failure
  • Improper dealer assembly
  • Improper derailers
  • Defective pedals
  • Defective toe clips

We should note, however, that the lawyers and staff of the Dolan Law firm are not among those who say that motorcycles are inherently dangerous. We do not believe in air bags for motorcycles. A motorcycle is and should be a motorcycle. We are riders ourselves; we would never advocate air bags, leg bags, and other overly cautious safety measures. We simply believe that anyone who buys a motorcycle deserves to get what they pay for and have their bike function as intended.

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If you have been in a motorcycle or bicycle accident due to defective equipment, you need lawyers familiar not only with bike accident cases, but with the motorcycles themselves. These can be difficult and expensive cases. Our California attorneys are also bikers, and are devoted to helping people who suffer from motorcycle and bicycle accidents. We do all work on contingency, which means that we collect fees only when you collect damages. Please Contact our lawyers today for a free case evaluation. And don’t waste any time; there are time limits, called statutes of limitations, that require that you act promptly to protect your rights.