Getting Fair and Full Compensation for Facial Injuries after a Motorcycle Accident

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Between 10 and 25 percent of motorcycle accident victims who go to the hospital have suffered some degree of facial injury. One of the greatest challenges of facial injuries following a motorcycle or bicycle accident is the affect it can have on a person’s social life.

Frequent side effects of a serious facial injury are depression, loss of self-esteem and loss of confidence. Work may be difficult. Family life can suffer.

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Payment for Your Medical Bills Today and Tomorrow

It’s important that your injury settlement cover all of your costs, both today and tomorrow. You have only one chance for financial recovery after a bike injury so your settlement needs to take these future expenses into account.

  • Serious facial injuries — such as the loss of a nose or a jaw — may require repeated plastic surgeries
  • Skin abrasion (road rash) may cause lasting scars and surgery may be required
  • Eye injuries causing debilitating vision problems or blindness
  • Any kind of serious facial scarring can have devastating emotional affects

To help us properly value your case, we rely on medical experts and may also work with economists and life care planners.

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