Getting Full Financial Recovery after a Serious Head Injury

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Fifteen to twenty percent of injured motorcyclists suffer head injuries, with more un-helmeted bikers suffering traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Fewer than 10 percent suffer serious TBI but for those who do, the cost of initial hospitalization can easily exceed $100,000. About half of these seriously injured people will require extended care. Serious head injury victims are also far more likely to die, leaving behind families burdened with medical bills and struggling to make sense of their loss.

At the Dolan Law Firm, we understand the challenges you and your family face after a motorcycle or bicycle accident that resulted in serious head injuries or death. We have helped hundreds of families in the Bay area from our law offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles.

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Properly Valuing a Head Injury Claim

The lifetime cost of a traumatic injury can be very high, far more than most families can bear. You have only one chance to obtain financial compensation so it is important to understand not only your costs to date, but also the expenses you may have in the future.

Serious head injuries can cause memory loss and cognitive difficulties. Things that once were easy may become difficult or impossible. A head injury can cause balance problems, coordination problems and disabling headaches. It can also cause personality changes and severe emotional distress.

The injured person may no longer be able to do the work they once did. They may be able to retrain or they may not be able to work again. The loss of income and earning potential is one of the damages that your lawyer will seek in compensation.

We work with a number of medical and psychological experts to obtain a complete and thorough evaluation of our client’s condition, as well as expectations for recovery. This access to experts — an expense our firm covers until we achieve a settlement or verdict for you — is critical to getting successful results.

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