Motorcycle, Bicycle and Scooter Accidents Due to Road Hazards

Hazardous road conditions can be the cause of both  single-bike accidents and collisions with cars and trucks. However, in single-bike accidents in particular, the police may not pay attention to the road hazards that contributed to the accident. In many of these accidents, the police report says that the driver is 100% at fault. If you are injured because of bad roads, sand, gravel, potholes, or other debris in the roadway, or poor visibility at an intersection, then photograph it immediately before the conditions change!

The truth is that the police report is sometimes simply wrong. At the Dolan Law Firm, our attorneys have a long history of gaining motorcycle accident settlements and verdicts by proving that dangerous road conditions were the true causes.  Contact our lawyers for a free evaluation of your accident.

We can help people who have been victimized by:

  • roadway defects
  • grading highways, road resurfacing
  • uneven pavement
  • road resurfacing humps
  • potholes
  • gravel, sand and loose dirt
  • unsigned curves
  • construction debris: oil slicks or chemical spills
  • dangerous intersections
  • obscured signs and intersections
  • trees and vegetation blocking the view

The trial lawyers of the Dolan Law Firm have a history of taking motorcycle and bicycle accident cases in which others assumed all blame should be given to the biker, and then proving that dangerous road conditions are the true cause. In one case, a motorcyclist hit a car and was given 100% of the fault for the crash the police report. Our lead trial attorney, Christopher Dolan, proved that a dangerous road condition, namely vegetation that had grown to block the view of the cross traffic, was actually to blame for the motorcycle accident. A settlement of $100,000 and a $2,494,000 jury verdict was awarded to our client because we were able to prove he was not at fault.

In another motorcycle/bicycle crash case, our client lost traction because of loose gravel — and again, the police report blamed him completely for the motorcycle accident. But Chris Dolan showed that the road resurfacing was truly to blame for the motorcycle accident, and a settlement of $1,650,000 was given to our client.

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