San Francisco/Sacramento Motorcycle Accidents

Different types of bikes have different vulnerabilities in crash situations, and no biker stands a chance when car and truck drivers act with reckless disregard. At the Dolan Law Firm, we have helped dozens of victims of motorcycle and bicycle accidents get the financial recovery they need.

Chris Dolan and his team of attorneys know how to take on and win cases involving motorcycle and bicycle crashes. If you have been hurt or a loved one was killed in a crash with a motor vehicle, contact our offices to schedule a free consultation. We have offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.

Our firm regularly takes on cases that many would consider unwinnable. We’re not afraid to tackle tough cases because we really know this territory. Our California bike wreck lawyers are riders themselves. We know how accidents happen and we know how to get results:

“I just didn’t see the biker”
: Most motorcycle and bicycle accidents involve vehicles in which the driver wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the biker and therefore failed to yield the right of way when they should have. They may have opened a door in front of a biker, collided with a bike, or forced the biker off the road or into oncoming traffic (this is common when the biker is lane splitting, which is legal in California)

Rear-end collisions
: Serious injuries can result when a car rear ends a motorcycle, bike or scooter because they misjudged distance or failed to see the biker on the road. Even minor rear end collisions can be deadly if the force pushes the biker into oncoming traffic.

U-turns and sudden lane changes: Car drivers looking for parking spots brake suddenly, cross lanes of traffic without warning, and make unexpected U-turns. With little time to react and nowhere to go, motorcyclists and bicyclists end up injured and often are blamed for the accident.

Improper obstructions: Sometimes property owners will put chains or ropes across trails that they don’t want used by off-road bikers. Bikers who don’t see the ropes until it’s too late suffer serious injuries. Property owners have a duty to warn bikers about obstructions.

Single-bike accidents
can be the result of road hazards or defective equipment. Usually, the police report blames the biker for a single-bike accident, but an experienced attorney will investigate further.

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