Many people don’t understand police reports. It is important to know what the police have reported about a motorcycle, bicycle or scooter accident. Police reports are not always right — if there is anything in a police report that doesn’t reflect the reality of a California motorcycle or bicycle accident, the lawyers of the Dolan Law Firm can challenge the report and prove it is wrong. You have the right to submit a written rebuttal to the police report, to ask for a further review, and to have your account be made part of the official record. Contact our lawyers for a free evaluation of your motorcycle or bicycle accident claim.

Motorcycle Crash Police Reports Often Blames The Motorcyclist 

We frequently see cases in which the police report places part or all of the fault for the crash on the motorcyclist. The police officer’s report, while important evidence, is not binding on the court.

We will thoroughly and independently review your case.  We know that when an experienced, trained motorcyclist is involved in a collision it is often because the driver of the car or other vehicle was careless and turned into the motorcyclist, was speeding, ran a red light, made an illegal turn, was texting, or driving drunk.

For example, we obtained over $2.5 million for our client even though the police report attributed 100% of the fault for crash to our client.  We proved to the jury that the crash was actually due to dangerous road conditions.

In another motorcycle crash case, our client lost traction because of loose gravel — and again, the police report blamed him completely for the motorcycle accident.  We proved that the road resurfacing was to blame and achieved a $1.65 million settlement for our client.

Even if you were partially at fault, you still may have the right to recover damages if carelessness or speeding by the car driver or other reasons were substantial factors in causing the accident and your injuries.

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The California motorcycle accident lawyers of the Dolan Law Firm work on contingency fee basis — we charge you nothing to prosecute your case and only collect fees if we achieve a recovery for you.  Please contact our attorneys today for a free case evaluation. There are time limits that require that you act promptly to protect your rights.