San Jose is the largest city in Northern California. In fact, with more than one million people living within the city, San Jose is also the third largest city in California, and serves as the political and economic center for Silicon Valley.

As one of the largest cities in the state, San Jose has a highly developed transportation system. Indeed, not only is there plenty of public transit, but there are also major highways that connect San Jose to other parts of the state, including Interstates 280, 680, and 880, and numerous state routes as well. Anyone who has driven through the city knows that traffic can be overwhelming, and that there are thousands of car accidents, fatalities, and injuries reported every year.

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Your Rights After a Car Accident in San Jose

It is important that you understand what your rights are after a car accident in San Jose that is caused by another driver, especially your right to seek full compensation for the extent of damages that you have suffered.

California law allows you to file a claim against the insurance company of an at-fault driver after a crash, or file a lawsuit directly against the responsible party. When you do either, you have the right to seek compensation for your property damages, medical expenses, lost wages, and even noneconomic losses like the value of your pain and suffering. You also have the right to reject a settlement offer and negotiate for a higher amount if it does not compensate you for your losses. You have the right to have your claim be processed by the insurance company in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, you have the right to hire a lawyer to represent you during the process.

Proving Fault after a Car Accident

Who pays for damages after a car accident in San Jose is based on negligence, or the failure to act with a reasonable degree of care. Negligent acts that may cause a car accident include, but are not limited to:

  • Texting while driving or using a cellphone or other hand-held device;
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions;
  • Driving while distracted;
  • Driving while impaired or fatigued;
  • Driving aggressively;
  • Performing an illegal maneuver, such as running a red light or illegally changing lanes;
  • Following too closely; and
  • More.

Keep in mind that negligent and illegal are not synonymous; a driver can be found at-fault for your car accident even if they did not technically break the law. If your accident was caused by another driver’s negligent actions, you deserve to be compensated for your harm. In order to prove the other driver’s fault, you need to present evidence. Our lawyers are here to investigate your claim, and gather and present evidence to prove fault. Types of evidence we collect on your behalf include:

  • Police reports;
  • Driver statement;
  • Witnesses’ statements;
  • Photographs and video evidence;
  • Physical evidence; and
  • Experts’ opinions (we hire accident reconstruction and other specialists to work on your case).

Investigating a car accident is a process that requires time and resources – you want a law firm on your side who is willing and able to commit both.

Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit

At the Dolan Law Firm, our goal is to get you your full compensation amount. In order to do this, we work hard to build and present your case to an insurance company, and engage in negotiations with an insurance adjuster to maximize your settlement. However, negotiations are not always successful, and if negotiations fail and the insurance company is unwilling to offer you what you deserve, we will be prepared to file a car accident lawsuit on your behalf and take your case to court. You can take comfort in the fact that we have litigation experience, and that our lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on the behalf of our clients in the past.

Acting Now Is Important

Our lawyers are dedicated to you and your financial recovery, but if you do not act quickly, we may not be able to help. Not only must you file your car accident claim with the insurance company as soon as possible to avoid a problem, but if you decide to pursue a civil action, you must do so within two years of your car accident for personal injury lawsuits. If your action is not brought within two years of your accident, you can be permanently barred from recovery.

Start the Process of Getting Compensated Today – Call our Car Accident Lawyers in San Jose

If you are involved in a car accident in San Jose, we urge you to act quickly. You should seek medical care immediately, inform your insurance company of your accident as soon as possible, and then call our San Jose car accident lawyers. The earlier that your lawyer can start investigating your accident and gathering evidence, the greater the chances are that you will recover 100 percent of the damages you have suffered.

We have 15 lawyers as part of our team, many of whom have received national praise for their legal work. If you are in a crash, you deserve a car accident lawyer on your side who is truly passionate about making sure you get compensated for your harm, and is dedicated to putting in the work necessary to maximize your settlement.

Our San Jose car accident law firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means that there is no legal fee for our work if we don’t win. We also offer free consultations – there is nothing stopping you from picking up the phone or sending us a message today to get your cost-free, obligation-free legal advice.

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