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Unlike other types of California big rigs and large trucks, log hauling trucks have special laws and codes that they must abide by. In California, log haulers:

  • Are not permitted on public roads on Saturday, Sundays, or on those days which are nationally designated legal holidays.
  • log hauling on public road may be restricted or not permitted during commute in order to prevent a hazard to traffic flow, or during school or bus hours in order to prevent hazardous conditions that would endanger school children.

Logging and Safety Orders:

  • All drivers must have a valid operator’s license for the class of vehicle being operated.
  • Logging truck drivers should have general knowledge of the handling of logs, in addition to being qualified drivers of logging trucks.
  • A brake test shall be made before trucks leave the loading point or descent any steep or sustained grade. A notice to that effect should be posted in the cab near the air gauge.
  • Tires, steering apparatus, boosters, air hoses, and connections on all truck and trailers shall be inspected daily.
  • Inspection or maintenance records shall be kept.
  • Condensation in compressed air tanks shall be drained daily
  • No loose equipment or tools shall be kept in the cab.
  • Motor trucks shall not be moved on a landing until all employees are in the clear, and warning shall be sounded before such movement is begun.
  • When it is necessary for trucks to back into the place of loading, they shall do so only upon a signal from the loader or authorized person.

Binding Log Loads:

  • All logs shall be well balanced and centered so that the load is stable without wrappers.
  • All equipment shall be kept clear of log trucks being bound.
  • Warning shall be given before throwing wrappers over a load and care shall be taken to prevent striking persons.
  • No load shall leave the loading spot until sufficient wrappers have been placed to restrain the load. No load shall leave the loading area until all the required wrappers have been placed.
  • If load is one or two logs high, two wrappers used, one at each end.
  • If load is three or four logs high, three wrappers used.
  • If load is five or more logs high, four wrappers used.
  • Bunk logs shall extend beyond the bunks no less than 6 inches. Logs shall be loaded so that no more than one-third the weight of the log extends beyond the end of the bunk or the log supporting it.

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