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An override accident is one in which an eighteen wheeler “rides over” a car, motorcycle, or pedestrian. Override accidents in California typically occur when the front of a large truck crashes over the lower structures of a car. Therefore, there is a need for energy-absorbing and “lower to the road” frontal bumpers and overall design considerations to try to reduce the often lethal consequences of a massive truck colliding head on with a smaller passenger vehicle.

Truck override accidents are one of the most devastating of truck vs. car collisions. An 80,000 pound semi truck, running over a 3000 pound car results in disaster. The driver and passengers in a car involved in an override truck accident are lucky to survive such a serious car-truck collision. If not killed, the car’s occupants will likely suffer temporary or permanent disabling injuries.

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A truck override accident can be caused by truck driver negligence such as driving too many hours without rest, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not paying attention to the road, or failure to inspect and maintain the truck. Some override accidents are partly the result of improper loading, – Ind.
tire blowouts
on Trucks faulty tractor trailer brakes, and other negligence by big rig owners and operators.

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You should know that most trucking companies and their insurance companies are very experienced at investigating truck accidents and analyzing injury claims. Soon after the accident, they will have investigators at the scene, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and preparing their defense. Level the playing field by enlisting the help of seasoned trial attorneys at

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