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Hundreds of people are seriously injured each year either by, or on, public transportation such as airplanes, charter buses, greyhound buses, BART, MUNI, CABLE CARS, FERRIES, EXCURSION BOATS, and TAXI CABS, elevators, movable walkways and escalators. The law refers to any individual or organization that charges to carry a passenger, or system or equipment that carries passengers as part of a business operation open to the public, as a Common Carrier. This includes elevators, escalators, ski lifts, airport shuttles, vanpools, stagecoaches, jitneys etc. These Common Carriers are required by law to use the highest degree of care and vigilance to ensure the safety of their passengers. They also are required under the law to provide vehicles that are safe and fit to transport passengers. This is a much higher duty than that required of a normal motorist, who is only required to use “reasonable care.”

The Dolan Law Firm has handled hundreds of cases for people injured by on buses, elevators, escalators, movable walkways, airplanes, MUNI, BART, SAMTRANS, GOLDEN GATE TRANSIT, FERRY SERVICES, YELLOW CAB, LUXOR CAB, DESOTO CAB, and countless others. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. If we do not recover an award for you, you owe us nothing.

The following are recognized as common carriers:

  • Planes
  • Ferries
  • Taxis
  • Trolleys
  • Cable Cars
  • Sight seeing trolleys, boats, and buses
  • Ski Lifts
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Movable walkways
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Mule Trains (to base of Grand Canyon etc)
  • Amusement park rides – (under review by Cal. Supreme Court)

Common Carriers have the heightened duty responsibility to provide the following;

  • Extra help for elderly and disabled passengers;
  • Disabled and elderly seating;
  • A seat for every passenger (except for municipal buses);
  • They can not
    overcrowd vehicles;
  • They must keep their equipment in
    excellent working condition;
  • They must keep their equipment free from debris;
  • They must not damage baggage;
  • They can’t start and stop suddenly or drive erratically;
  • They must discharge passengers in a place of safety and at their destination;
  • They must keep regular schedules;
  • They must protect passengers from violent acts of other passengers.

For information on a the recent crash of tractor trailer with an Amtrak train outside of Reno, NV read our press release on the subject

Someone involved in an accident on, or hurt by a common carrier, or while getting on or off a common carrier, has the right to recover damages for their injuries. The Dolan Law Firm has recovered millions for their clients injured by and/or on taxis, buses, trains, and airplanes. The owners of these services know us. We hold them accountable when their for-profit services cause injury through an act of negligence.

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