California Truck Accidents: Truck Company Fault

The Dolan Law Firm knows that truck agencies can sometimes be the cause (or a contributing factor) of a trucking accident. Sometimes it is the same company that owns the truck rig (truck cab), sometimes the truck agency owns the truck trailer, sometimes both, and sometimes neither. Liability can stem from the truck company or agency if they failed to perform an adequate background check on the driver. For example, a driver has been arrested and convicted on several occasions for drunk and disorderly conduct. This driver is employed by a trucking agency and sent out to California for a job driving a tractor-trailer from San Francisco to San Diego. The driver stops on the way down and has a few drinks, which later results in an accident. If a routine background check would have revealed this truck driver’s propensity to drink, it is possible that the truck agency could be held partially responsible for the trucking accident. Improper loading or setting schedules that require drivers to drive too long, may be the fault of the truck company. Someone who doesn’t understand the trucking industry, and the agency relationship, may overlook a vital party to a potential lawsuit. Because our attorneys know how to litigate trucking accident cases, we will do the proper investigation and include the proper parties to any lawsuit. Contact us today for a free consultation, and find out how we became one of California’s premier truck accident law firms.

Employers of truck drivers can be liable for damaged caused by their drivers due to improper truck driver training, as well as imposing unrealistic schedules and goals on their truck drivers. Truck agencies are responsible for ensuring their drivers receive the proper driving training and safety training. If a trucking accident occurs because of a lack of truck driving training or a lack of truck driving safety, then the trucking company or agency may be responsible. To assist in making this determination, you need to contact an experienced San Francisco truck company liability lawyer We offer free consultations.

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