Conspicuity – Reflective Tape

Inadequate or insufficient reflectors can lead to a serious truck collision in California. Many auto to truck accidents in California occur at night, when a large tractor-trailer rig is pulling onto a road or backing into a driveway. If the tractor’s headlights are directed toward the oncoming auto, it can create a “wall of glare” that conceals the fact that the trailer behind it is stretched dangerously across the dark road ahead. Notice in the photo above how the tractor-trailer big rig is dramatically more noticeable when the reflective tape is properly used.

Studies that were done in the 1970s showed that truck underride accidents at night were often “surprise” events to the oncoming driver, who did not notice the truck until it was too late.

Finally, in the mid 1990s, the NHTSA and FHWA issued rules that required all new trailers built after 1993 to utilize reflective tape, and for all pre-1994 trailers to phase-in and retrofit trailers with reflective tape. If any large truck or trailer does not utilize reflective tape, it is unsafe and defective.

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